Mavericks Home Cinema Inspired by the legendary “Mavericks” surf of NorCal – Awesome, Powerful & Exciting! This large format hybrid horn system, was specifically developed for ultra-high output home theatre applications where enclosure depth is not an issue. The Mavericks series by James Loudspeaker provides ultra-wide bandwidth, very high sound pressure levels and very low distortion – making for a stunning cinema experience. System Integration When installed, each L/C/R stack (MQ84A+M152) is a full 5-way amplified system covering 30Hz to 25kHz with a sensitivity of 102dB at 1 meter/2.83V. A dedicated 64 channel DSP controller allows full control of crossover, delay, EQ, limiting and level management for all channels and individual speakers in the system. The MQ84 module includes a passive network reducing the amplifier channel count for a lower cost alternative. Surrounds A number of surround options are available. The James Loudspeaker 806BE and QX806BE are traditional in-wall surrounds while the MQS85 is an on-wall bipole surround. All surrounds are timber match the left, centre, right speakers. ​LFE/Subwoofers A number of subwoofer options are available. The M122 and M152 can be used with a L/C/R to create truly full range front channels. The M152 and the massive M213 triple 21″ should be used for LFE channels. Each subwoofer is powered by a dedicated subwoofer amplifier. Bass Management The M1040BMS in-wall subwoofer is used for bass management in the listening room and, along the LFE subs, is used to create a more uniform bass sound field within the room. For bass management, each subwoofer needs to be powered by a dedicated subwoofer amplifier.