Airtopia is a sophisticated heating, ventilation and air conditioning controller that integrates seamlessly with infrared units like split systems.

Airtopia takes the complexity out of integrating the enhanced control of split system air conditioners.

Doc’s and FAQ’s

How far can i extend the current transformer sensor from the controller?

The Airtopia current transformer sensor 5100CT80 can be located 20 metres from the controller using speaker wire (stranded 20-24 gauge wire) or a CAT5 pair. Take note of the polarity when joining the wires. If connecting in a switchboard, make sure the cabling meets the insulation standards (refer to your licenced electrical installer).

How far can I extend the temperature sensor from the controller?

The Airtopia temperature sensor 5100DTSM can be located up to 100 metres from the controller using speaker wire (stranded 20-24 gauge wire) or a CAT5 pair. Take note of the polarity when joining the wires.

How far can I extend my IR transmitter from the controller?

You can extend the IR transmitter (IR Blaster) 20 meters from the controller by using speaker wire (stranded 20-24 gauge wire) or a CAT5 pair. Take note of polarity when joining the wires. The IR transmitter should be mounted as close as possible to the air conditioner’s IR receiver window – ideally directly over the IR receiver window or within 10mm adjacent to the window.

How do i know if the IR transmitter is working?

IR transmits in a spectrum you can’t see, however the front facing camera of your mobile phone can detect it. Ensure that the IR transmitter is correctly connected to the controller with the (white/grey lead) terminated at terminal 4 and the white lead terminated at terminal 3. Send a command and when your front facing camera is correctly positioned near the IR transmitter you should see a white dot about one or two seconds after the command is issued.

How far should my infrared (IR) transmitter be from the indoor unit IR receiver window?

Ideally, the IR transmitter should be placed over the IR receiver window face, or 5-10mm adjacent to the window face.

How do i become an Airtopia reseller?

Complete our online form and tell us a little about your business. A general requirement of our reseller is to provide first call support to system integrators and end users.

How do i become an Airtopia installer?

Installing most Airtopia products is easy. It requires little or no knowledge of local area networks and no need to learn IR codes. If you can install extra low voltage cables and follow our simple installation guide then you may be qualified. We provide excellent support and look forward to working with you.

How do i become an Airtopia Partner?

If you resell or manufacture an automation system or air conditioner brand not presently supported by Airtopia, complete our on-line form so we can take steps to confirm the compatibility of your products.

What warranty can i expect?

Airtopia offers a 12 month warranty, which starts when the controller is commissioned. If your controller doesn’t work, just return it to Airtopia or your local reseller for inspection. If failure is due to an Airtopia component then we will replace your unit.

Who pays the freight on warranty returns?

Our online systems will normally identify most issues and resolve them without any need to return the unit. When the unit can’t be powered on and connected to our cloud service for systems checks Airtopia provides a return to factory replacement warranty.

How can i measure the power being used by the air conditioner?

Airtopia’s current transformer (CT) must be installed by a licensed electrician. We recommend mounting the CT at a convenient location near the switchboard that provides the mains feed to the air conditioner power.

Is the air conditioner warranty void after installing an Airtopia controller and sensors?

No components of your air conditioner should be affected if your Airtopia controller is installed correctly. Air conditioner operation with the Airtopia controller is the same as using the original remote control because an IR transmitter is used to send commands. The temperature sensor only monitors room temperature and the current transformer is a clamped device that requires no rewiring of your original installation.

Can i retrofit the Airtopia controller to an old air conditioner?

The Airtopia controller is specifically designed for retrofitting. It makes an old air conditioner ‘smarter’ and more convenient to use.

Can i use the Airtopia app on more than one device?

The Airtopia app works with as many devices as you (or any user) provide login details to. If any user or device gives a command to one air conditioner, then that command will be transmitted to all devices automatically.

How many Airtopia controllers can i install in a building or home?

Any number of Airtopia controllers can be installed in a building or home network. Zone names are allocated to the room or air-conditioner location. The app provides a list of available zones that you select and then control.

Do i need an internet connection to use the Airtopia controller?

The Airtopia controller only requires an internet connection if the user wants to control the air conditioner when they are away from the home or office. The internet is also necessary to first set up the controller or when checking for updates.

How do i update my Airtopia Controller?

The Airtopia cloud service will automatically check when your device is online for the latest update and if necessary, will automatically and seamlessly install it.

Do i need a home automation system to control an Airtopia device?

The best part about Airtopia products is that they can operate with and without home automation systems. Airtopia provides a user friendly app for all smart devices operating IOS, Android and Windows. Download you app from here (hyperlink to app)

How do I interface Airtopia with my building automation system?

Your BAS or BMS can communicate directly with Airtopia via Modbus over TCP/IP or indirectly via other protocols such as Bacnet using an appropriate protocol converter. Contact our engineering team ( for more details how to add Airtopia to your commercial system.