D-Tools Data-driven application to streamline project workflow.

D-Tools System Integrator 2015 is a complete estimation, design, and project management software solution. From large commercial integrators to smaller companies, SI 2015 helps increase revenues while reducing time and costs associated with the integration of low-voltage systems. SI 2015’s data-driven workflow links equipment lists to project documentation – including estimates, and drawings (via Visio or AutoCAD), and enables the creation of Work and Service Orders to effectively manage the project to completion.

Streamline your business process

D-Tools System Integrator SI 2015 is a complete estimation, system design and project management software solution that scales to fit the needs of your business – from large commercial integrators to small residential companies, SI can help you increase revenues while reducing time and costs associated with the design, installation and integration of Audio Visual, Energy, Home Automation, Lighting Control, Security, and IT/Networking systems.



Generate fast, accurate, professional looking proposals and client documentation.


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System Design

Generate stunning system designs via integrated Visio or AutoCAD.


Project Management

Assign tasks to your team from any device to deliver the job on-time and to-budget.



Used by over 4,500 integration companies in the Residential and Commercial AV, Security, Education, and IT Networking industries, D-Tools provides the premier software solution for integrators of low voltage systems. D-Tools System Integrator (SI) software’s data-driven workflow ties together the entire system integration process into one complete solution, enabling system integrators to generate fast, accurate project estimates and proposals, detailed system designs and client documentation through a complete data-driven process. D-Tools helps companies manage every important aspect of the system integration process more efficiently, providing a high degree of synchronization, increased performance, added flexibility, better communication, and advanced customization options. Whether you are a residential or commercial integrator, business owner, sales professional, project manager, designer, engineer or installer, D-Tools SI is the ultimate solution that can have a dramatic, positive impact on business efficiency and profitability.

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D-Tools has helped thousands of residential and commercial AV integrators design, estimate, install audio/video systems

icon7 Security

D-Tools brings together audio/video, automation, lighting control and networking into the same base environment for security integrators.

icon6 Network IT

D-Tools helps integrators design, install and manage complex IT Networking systems

icon8 Education

D-Tools helps education system integrators and IT teams design, install and manage interactive and multi-media learning systems that today’s educational institutes require

SI 2015

Building new functionality on the architecture of the System Integrator platform as well as D-Tools’ Cloud infrastructure, SI 2015 makes it faster and easier than ever to perform key functions of an integrator’s business – estimation, system design, and project management. Moreover, SI 2015 offers improvements in virtually every functional area including data and project management, QuickBooks and third-party integrations, mobile connectivity, as well as a major upgrade in the software’s drawing capabilities.

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icon8 Mobile Install

SI 2015’s new Mobile Install (MI) functionality gives users the power to publish install Tasks and Service Orders to a portal powered by the D-Tools cloud that can be accessed by technicians and installers in the field from any web-enabled device.

icon9 Catalog

The SI 2015 Product Catalog offers significant improvements to help users better manage product information and pricing – the main drivers of D-Tools’ data-driven process.

icon10 Scheduling

SI 2015 represents a major improvement to the application’s scheduling and project management capabilities. Task and Service Order management and the Calendar have been re-engineered, and the addition of Mobile Install adds the power and reach of the cloud to the SI workflow.

icon11 Projects

SI 2015 boasts a number of productivity enhancements around project creation, editing, and management. Users will benefit from improved workflow and time-savings for many of the operations used on a daily basis.

icon12 Drawings

SI 2015 continues to add upgrades to D-Tools’ legendary design capabilities. Improvements to the D-Tools Visio and AutoCAD interfaces provide users with unparalleled power and automation tools that will help streamline the design process and significantly improving communication across teams.

icon13 QuickBooks Integration

SI 2015 improves on the already seamless integration to QuickBooks, eliminating the need for double data-entry and duplication of efforts. Products from the SI 2015 catalog or a project can be pushed directly to QuickBooks for accurate accounting, purchasing and invoicing.

Mobile Quote

workflow Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40 D-Tools Mobile Quote is a native IOS-based iPad® app that enables SIX 2013 users to generate quotes in the field and bring them back into D-Tools SIX 2013 for further project design and management. The D-Tools iPad® app leverages D-Tools’ extensive manufacturer product library by enabling integrators to access and integrate product category and package data from their SIX 2013 catalog while working with customers in the field. Integrators can enter client and contact information into the iPad app, then walk prospective customers through available installation scenarios in order to create a quote for approval. Once complete, the resulting quote can then be imported into SIX 2013 for complete detailed project design, specification, and project management. D-Tools Mobile Quote utilizes many of D-Tools’ workflow concepts, including the specification of locations and systems, which allows integrators to provide packages or pre-configured systems for inclusion in the quote. Labor and general pricing will be calculated to give the customer an accurate proposal, which can then be signed off for approval on the spot.

  • Create New Quote – Add Client/Contact Information
  • Create/Specify Locations – Add Photos
  • Specify Product Categories & Project Phases from SIX 2013 Catalog
  • Specify General Products and Quantities
  • Specify Package information from SIX 2013 Catalog
  • Specify Estimated Labor
  • Calculate Estimated Total for Quote
  • Get Customer Approval – sign off for additional work

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Mobile Install

SI 2015’s new Mobile Install (MI) functionality gives users the power to publish install Tasks and Service Orders to a portal powered by the D-Tools cloud that can be accessed by technicians and installers in the field from any web-enabled device. Installers and Technicians can track install time and completion status, take photos, take of the install, add items to Service Orders, and sync information back to SI 2015 for accurate time and install tracking. MI_hero1

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