Small Project Systems

Boardroom, restaurants. home theatres and any small areas including groups of rooms are in expensively covered by our systems.  Even simpler systems for hallways, garages and car parks and toilet areas are covered with simpler solutions as well as retrofit options.

Large Lighting Systems

To achieve the best results means many things in our world.  Our systems enable the most broad ability for programming to enable our customers complete flexibility in their desired outcome. Complete control from other systems is a given and extended control from Smart Devices is also part of our product line.  

Window Shades

Lutron produces some of the most advanced features in several styles of internal blinds.  Extremely quiet, speed matched accross all blinds, low voltage and several other features of which many have patents make Lutron shades extremely desirable.

Outstanding Projects

Lutron projects provide inspiration from high end homes to luxurious hotels, from sophisticated retail environments and to large commercial energy savers. See our growing list as we add downloadable files for you.

Why Lutron?

See how Lutron’s superior light control enhances the many facets of your home and workplace. Find inspiration though rich visualizations of Lutron design.

Save Energy

Today, energy efficiency is an essential element of every home and business. In fact, lighting can account for up to 10% of a household’s yearly electricity usage, and up to 40%†† a year in commercial buildings. Lutron has been providing energy-saving light control solutions for more than fifty years. When considering your options, keep in mind that Lutron dimming saves energy without sacrificing style or convenience.

For single homes, buildings, or large commercial campuses, Lutron offers dimmers, occupancy/ vacancy sensors, light control systems, and shading solutions to reduce lighting energy use,optimise system performance, and enhance the visual environment.

Commercial Energy Savings Solutions

Every commercial space, small or large, can realise energy savings by installing Lutron light controls.
Easy-to-install wireless control options provide quick retrofit solutions to help buildings meet and exceed building energy codes including ASHRAE standards.

Residential Energy Savings Solutions

There are many ways to save energy throughout a home.
Lutron offers dimmers, occupancy sensors and whole home light control systems, to window solutions that manage daylight and help control heating and cooling costs.
Replace a single light switch with any Lutron dimmer and potentially save US$30 a year. Combine dimmers, sensors, and window blinds to maximise your energy efficiency.

The Economics of Dimming (English)

Energy Rebates & Incentives

Your energy-saving efforts may qualify for energy rebates, as well as additional incentives from your utility company. Contact your utility company for more information.

Enhance Comfort & Convenience

Your home and your workplace should be designed to complement your needs. As your needs change throughout the day, your lighting should adapt as well; bright to read a book, but dim for computer use. Whether you are at home or at work, Lutron solutions provide convenient access to light control, creating a comfortable atmosphere to support your activities throughout the day.

Set the Work Atmosphere

Comfort and convenience don’t have to be restricted to the home. Bring the right ambiance to your workplace and watch how light control can create a more productive environment.

A conference room can serve multiple purposes throughout the day, from video presentations to brainstorming sessions. Many of Lutron’s solutions, including the GRAFIK Eye® QS, allow the users to set the right light for every business need with the convenience of personal control and one-touch settings.

Expand your capabilities throughout an entire floor or building with a total light management system, such as GRAFIK 7000™ or Quantum®. Monitor the lights and shades from a centralised location or online. When designed properly, your space will work as hard as you do.

Made for flawless incorporation with any décor, Lutron offers a wide range of colours and styles, so design never suffers for the sake of operations. With Lutron’s advanced technology and dedication to peerless quality, luxury is completely in your control.

Elements of Comfort

Personalise a light control system to recall favorite settings and effortlessly transform the light that surrounds you.

Control your home’s lighting from a master keypad or by remote to easily change your visual environment at the touch of a button.

Install timers, fan controls, and occupancy/vacancy sensors for added convenience, to automatically control your lights.

For rooms with ample sunlight, you can integrate ashading solution with electric lighting for total light control. 

Blinds can be preset for different room uses or adjusted for changes in time of day or season.

Increase Productivity

Most commercial spaces are over-lit, leading to wasted energy usage. But over-lit spaces can also affect the productivity of employees. Too much daylight or electric light can make even the most fundamental tasks, such as computer work, uncomfortable and difficult to perform. By incorporating lighting based on task performance and providing personal control of lighting and shading, commercial spaces can realize measurable effects on employee productivity and motivation. In addition, employees typically dim the lights when given personal control, further increasing energy savings.


Workplace Productivity & Efficiency

Proper lighting control can translate to an increase in productivity. Though typical lighting is fine for paperwork, it is usually 2 to 3 times brighter than is ideal for computer work.

The solution?

LutronEcoSystem® and Quantum® offer remote controls so individuals are able to adjust the light over their space. RadioTouch® and GRAFIK Eye® QS controls are ideal for meeting rooms and classrooms.

Lutron controls allow people to set lighting levels for different tasks, from cube to office to conference room.

Optimizing daylight and electric light saves energy and creates a productive, comfortable environment. Dimming increases lamp life and reduces maintenance costs, which can significantly affect your bottom line.

Light controls can reduce the cost to reconfigure space, whether for different events, new tenants, or new layouts. Light control systems, such as Quantum, can also report on energy usage and savings to manage costs down.

Lutron has a variety of solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of your work environment.

Commercial spaces can really reduce overhead costs by controlling the lighting. For example, when The New York Times Company wanted to create an “energizing work environment” and reduce its energy consumption, it chose Lutron light control strategies.

With light level tuning, daylight harvesting and occupancy sensing, the company saved nearly 70% of its lighting energy each year.

View New York Times Building Case Study View the Improving Productivity with Light Controls White Paper


Shading Solutions Save Energy and Can Increase Productivity

Add instant privacy and conserve energy with ultra-quiet, precision-controlled shades. By controlling daylight with Sivoia® QS shades, drapery tracks, and skylight shades, you can minimize glare and solar heat gain, which can result in reduced heating and cooling costs.

Improve Safety & Security

If safety is a priority, light control can provide properly lit spaces at any time of day or night. Whether you want to create a safe pathway of light in a hallway at night, connect light controls to fire alarm and security systems, reliable Lutron solutions help ensure safety and security in both residential and commercial settings.


Create a safe, welcoming atmosphere in your commercial space no matter what time of day. The right light controls help ensure employee safety and security. Scheduling with timeclock controls can turn lights on and off, set lighting levels for different times of day, and change the lighting profile for an after-hours mode.Occupancy/vacancy sensors can dim the lights when space is unoccupied, to alleviate employee concerns while saving energy. Integrate emergency lighting into the overall system to provide the right light and simplify the lighting plan.


Whether you are leaving for the evening or on an extended vacation, Lutron provides a variety of solutions such as HomeWorks® QS and Rania® Wireless RF switch that can enhance the safety and security of your home.
Lutron controls can even connect to security systems to turn on lights in case of an emergency. Dimmers installed by the stairs and in hallways can illuminate a path of light in key areas of the house making it easier to navigate from one room to the other during the night.

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