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VTouch Classic

Elegant Glass Touch Electric Switches

 Whether at home or in the office, we all aspire to create a living space that reflects our individuality. At Vitrea, we believe it’s the small details that make the difference. That’s why we work together with leading architects and interior designers to turn our technological dreams into reality, creating exceptional products characterized by exclusive designs. Created from fine crystallized glass panels, Vitrea‘s elegant glass touch electric switches are available in a variety of stylish colors. A unique blend of smart touch technology and cutting edge visual design, they create an ambiance of sophistication in every home and office space. At Vitrea we say, “One touch is worth a thousand words.” That’s why in each step of our planning, development, and design stage we take great care to give you a powerful and unforgettable user experience. Vitrea‘s glass touch electric switches, 220V compatible, offer a wide variety of control solutions. These include light switches with step relay functionality as well as dimmers, blinds and shutters, electric water heaters, doorbells and more. 

The unique VTouch Classic collection offers the following features:

  • Technology – VTouch Classic glass touch switches lead the forefront in today’s touch control technology that is utilized in smartphones, tablets, iPods, electric and ceramic stoves, etc.
  • Easy upgrade to the VTouch Pro Smart Home System – Even after our VTouch Classic switches are installed in your home or office, it is never too late to upgrade to our wireless VTouch Pro Smart Home System, with no need for additional infrastructure and at minimal cost.
  • SafetyVitrea products conform to international safety and quality standards, as well as fulfill installation and usage requirements.
  • ReliabilityVitrea uses only premium quality components and materials. We are uncompromising in quality and reliability to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Simplicity – Technicians will be amazed at how easy it is to install and owners will enjoy a sophisticated home or office environment with minimal effort. Similar to the installation of a mechanical switch, it is also easy to replace existing mechanical switches with Vitrea switches.

Light Switches

Vitrea‘s Step Relay Light Switches remove the need for alternate or backup mechanical light switches. The switch simplifies the wiring and installation processes, making it possible to install a limitless number of control switches to power an individual light.


  • Available in Module 3 and Module 4 sizes.
  • Choose to “float” above wall or “flush,” evenly lined with wall.
  • Illuminated switch touch points indicate if switch is on.
  • Capability to adjust brightness of blue LED light.
  • Ability to program each switch to operate as a push button.
  • Activate each switch from a Step Relay Light Switch.


Experience an ambiance of sophistication with Vitrea’s VTouch Dimmer. Through a gentle touch of the finger, you can control your light’s brightness and set the mood for any occasion. Set predefined lighting scenes with our unique dimmer featuring two memory presets. Memory activated, the VTouch Dimmer recalls the light’s previous level of brightness, even after a power shortage.

“Flush” Mount Installation

All of Vitrea‘s VTouch glass touch switches can be installed “flush”, evenly lined with the wall to blend in flawlessly and elegantly with your home and office design.

A blue LED light surrounds and illuminates the glass touch switch, creating an aura of exclusivity, even in the dark.

Door Bell Switch

Impress your guests with the exclusive, elegant design of Vitrea’sVTouch glass doorbell switch, located at the entrance to your home or office. Laser engraving is offered so that you can display your name on the glass touch doorbell switch. Illuminated by a blue LED light, this switch creates an ambiance of elegance and sophistication.

Available in a variety of stylish colors, this switch offers your home and office an added touch of individuality and exclusivity.

Options and Brochures

Glass Colors

Vitrea‘s glass touch switches are available in a variety of stylish, elegant colors, including:

  • Snow white
  • Pearl
  • Silver
  • Red wine
  • Black

Additional colors can be custom ordered to meet your individual home and office design needs.


Vitrea‘s glass touch switches are distributed in two standard dimensions:

  • Module 3 box
  • Module 4 box

VTouch and VSymphony glass panels are distributed in the following dimensions:

  • Module 3 glass panel: 96(h) x 120(w) mm
  • Module 4 glass panel: 96(h) x 140(w) mm

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