VTouch Pro

Wireless Smart Home System

 The VTouch Pro is Vitrea’s standard bearer of innovation. This wireless smart home system is based on the VTouch Classic glass touch electric switches, integrated with a wireless technology, to provide you with full control of all the switches in your home or office.

The VTouch Pro wireless smart electricity system does not require special preparation or planning. The system’s installation is performed on a standard electrical infrastructure and doesn’t require a large electric cabinet. The VTouch Pro wireless smart home system is simple and easy to install.

Now you can enjoy the luxury of a smart home system if your living space is small, if you’re planning to renovate, or if you are building and want to avoid the expense of constructing additional electrical infrastructures and cabinets.

The VTouch Pro system utilizes digital glass touch switches that contain internal smart home controllers, eliminating the need for external controllers and special electrical cabinets.

The VTouch Pro glass touch switches maintain wireless communications with each other (no need for network cables) and are regulated by an intuitive operating system.

The unique VTouch Pro collection offers the following features:

  • Wireless Smart Home System.
  • Hassle-free installation.
  • No need for additional infrastructures and electric cabinets.
  • Glass touch switches.
  • Innovative and elegant design.
  • Customized laser engraving of scenario names.
  • Convenient and user friendly GUI.
  • Innovative, reliable, efficient technology.
  • In case of default, VTouch Pro switches function as regular switches.
  • A variety of switches available for scenarios, lights, dimmers, blinds and more.
  • Compatible with control processors including Crestron and RTI.
  • Combine with VTouch Classic and VSymphony glass touch switches for the ultimate in home and office design.
  • Conforms to European standards.

Wireless Technology

The VTouch Pro glass touch switches maintain wireless communications with each other at a frequency of 2.4GHz, and function in accordance with the MESH wireless technology. This method ensures the efficient transmission of operational commands to the switches and reliable communication between the switches in the same transmitter/reception range.

The innovative technology of the MESH system assures minimal transmission power with maximum efficiency.

At the heart of the VTouch Pro wireless smart electricity system is the Vbox Pro Controller that acts as a type of router. It is connectable through a computer, smartphone or tablet via your home network. With a user friendly operational system, you can create various scenarios and actions to suit your specific needs.

The Vbox Pro is compatible with control processors, including Crestron and RTI, enabling its integration with A/V home systems, alarms, cameras, HVAC and more.

Switch Capability


VT 8 White Vertical

Light Switches

Control your lights at the mere touch of a glass electric switch. Experience Vitrea‘s elegant and exclusive crystallized glass switches, your way. Choose to “Float” the switch above the wall or “Flush” the switch, evenly lined with the wall. Vitrea’s VTouchelectric switches are available in a variety of elegant colors.

A blue LED light surrounds and illuminates the glass touch switch providing the ultimate, elegant touch to your unique VTouch design experience, at home and in the office.



Experience an ambiance of sophistication with Vitrea’s VTouch Dimmer. Through a gentle touch of the finger, you can control your light’s brightness and set the mood for any occasion. Set predefined lighting scenes with our unique dimmer featuring two memory presets. Memory activated, the VTouch Dimmer recalls the light’s previous level of brightness, even after a power shortage.


“Flush” Mount Installation

All of Vitrea‘s VTouch glass touch switches can be installed “flush”, evenly lined with the wall to blend in flawlessly and elegantly with your home and office design.

A blue LED light surrounds and illuminates the glass touch switch, creating an aura of exclusivity, even in the dark.


Door Bell Switch

Impress your guests with the exclusive, elegant design of Vitrea’sVTouch glass doorbell switch, located at the entrance to your home or office. Laser engraving is offered so that you can display your name on the glass touch doorbell switch. Illuminated by a blue LED light, this switch creates an ambiance of elegance and sophistication.

Available in a variety of stylish colors, this switch offers your home and office an added touch of individuality and exclusivity.

Options and Brochures

Glass Colors

Vitrea‘s glass touch switches are available in a variety of stylish, elegant colors, including:

  • Snow white
  • Pearl
  • Silver
  • Red wine
  • Black

Additional colors can be custom ordered to meet your individual home and office design needs.


Vitrea‘s glass touch switches are distributed in two standard dimensions:

  • Module 3 box
  • Module 4 box

VTouch and VSymphony glass panels are distributed in the following dimensions:

  • Module 3 glass panel: 96(h) x 120(w) mm
  • Module 4 glass panel: 96(h) x 140(w) mm

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