Convergent Technologies

Convergent Shades

Convergent Technologies is proud to be able to supply a huge range of Lutron Shading solutions both manufactured in Australia and fully imported from Lutron USA.

Convergent Technologies manufactures blinds and curtain tracks in Australia under the brand name of Convergent Shading Solutions. These products use predominantly Lutron components to provide the same quality, reliability and performance you would expect from this world leader.

Convergent can now provide lower prices, faster and more flexible service and a greater range of fabric and products, including manual blinds. 

Convergent Shades work together with architects, interior designers and other decision makers to provides the exact outcome required, including working with all fabrics available from suppliers in Australia.


What makes Lutron motors superior?

Silent and smooth operation

Many customers are convinced on first demonstration of the superior quiet operation of our products and the very smooth travel compared to what else is on offer.

A Total Light Control system

Together with Lutron lighting control, the system produces one of the most compelling reasons to invest in world class integrated and advanced control of lighting and light control.

Easy Installation

For systems which do not require advanced control, installing a simple keypad or remote directly to the shade means easy, fast installation. With open/close and other presets available to help you quickly finish the job.

Intelligent Hembar Alignment

A patented feature that makes all blinds work perfectly in alignment so that the hembars are in line as the blind closes or opens. This is a spectacular feature for your client. All blinds, whether there are different size tubes, different widths and fabric weight, move together harmoniously to create an amazing look and feel for your space.

3rd Party High Level Integration

High level integration to 3rd party control systems and building management systems is also available, for even broader control. Lutron’s advanced technology has 100 presets built in to every blind and curtain, which means it is easy to stop exactly where you need the blind or curtain to be, directly from your control system.

Low voltage operation

These systems do not need electricians for installation. Low voltage control system cables are run to each window and back to a power supply which normally installs in a communication system room and then into a control system or directly to a keypad. Then simply plug the power supply into a standard GPO.

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