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Convergent Video Conference Lighting

Convergent Video Conference Lighting is proud to be powered by Lutron.

Form and function need to work together in a work space and are often compromised due to lack of understand about outcomes available. Video conferencing is growing due to the convenience of conducting business, education and many more applications over vast distances successfully.  However, in many situations, the experience is not optimised.  Poor lighting conditions will diminish the ability for the viewer to see the faces and the surroundings of the people on either side of the conference.  Conventional lighting provides lighting from above which can create shadows and uneven light throughout.  Where the dynamic levels of light are great it can sometimes play havoc with the white balance of the VC camera and so light levels go up and down as people more around or in front of different light sources.  Worse still is when we have a window in the room which provides a lot of light during the day and makes the VC white balance turn very low and so making the image to the audience very dark.

Addressing three areas of light control are important:

  • Control of the light coming from other sources such as windows
  • The amount of light on our participants and all other surfaces in view of the VC
  • The final colour temperature presented to the camera.

Controlling light from other sources such as windows can be simply corrected with blinds and curtains.  If motorization and automation is required then please see our section on Convergent Shades or Lutron Triathlon shades.

The amount of light on our participants and all other surfaces can be controlled by our lighting fixtures.  Currently there are 2 models made for T-Bar ceilings and others being designed for other ceiling for a 2019 release.

The two models (See specification PDF provided) are used for both direct and indirect lighting, depending on the position in the room. A lighting design can be provided or a lighting designer if you have one.

The two models will fit into T-Bar ceilings in either a 600mm x 600mm space or 600mm x 300mm space.

These lights are used directly when lighting the VC participant from the front. Light will be projected down on a 45˚angle and supplemented by reflecting the light upwards when bouncing from the table the participants sits at.


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Boardroom Example

Here is an example of how a Boardroom would be laid out using designated Convergent Video Conference Lighting fixtures.

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